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Scheduling Table of Contents

3.0 Schedule Setup
3.1 Schedule System Overview
3.2 Managing Providers
3.2.2 Viewing or Editing Provider Information
3.2.3 Deleting Providers
3.3 Managing Resources
3.3.1 Adding Resources
3.3.2 Viewing or Editing a Resource
3.3.3 Deleting a Resource
3.4 Creating Appointment Types
3.5 Assigning Appointment Types to Charting – update
3.5 Assigning Appointment Types to Charting-old
3.6 Selecting and Defining your Appointment Statuses
3.7 Creating a New Appointment Status
3.8 Setting up Clinic Hours
3.9 Creating Breaks in your Clinic Schedule
3.10 Creating your Schedule Template – old link
3.11 Creating your Dashboard View -old link
3.10 Setting up the Scheduling Dashboard
3.10.1 Creating your Scheduling Template
3.10.2 Creating your Dashboard View
3.10.3 Setting your Calendar Colors
3.10.4 Setting the Date Jump Buttons
3.11 Creating Patient Custom Fields
4.0 Scheduling
4.1 Scheduling Overview
4.2 Creating a Patient
4.2.2 Creating a Patient Quickly
4.2.3 Creating a Patient from a Referral
4.2.4 Creating a Patient after Completion of the Health History Questionnaire
4.2.5 Editing Patient Information
4.2.6 Deleting a Patient
4.2.7 Patient Families
4.3 Creating an Appointment
4.3.2 Creating an Appointment for an Existing Patient
4.3.3 Creating an Appointment from Charting – update
4.3.3 Creating an Appointment from Charting-old
4.3.4 Unscheduled Appointments
4.4 Deleting an Appointment
4.4.2 Deleting an Appointment from Unscheduled Appointments
4.5 Cancelling an Appointment
4.6 Moving an Appointment
4.6.2 Moving an Appointment to another day using Unscheduled Appointments
4.7 Block Scheduling
4.7.1 Setting Up Block Scheduling
4.7.2 Creating an Appointment in a Block Schedule
4.8 Changing and Viewing an Appointment’s Status
4.9 Viewing the Appointment Details
4.10 Editing Appointment Details
4.11 Searching for Appointment Availability
4.11.2 Quickly Searching for Appointment Availability
4.11.3 Adjusting Search Parameters when Searching for Available Appointments
4.12 Using the Short Call list
4.12.2 Viewing and Editing your Short Call List
4.12.3 Creating an Appointment from the Short Call List
4.13 Viewing a Different Schedule
4.14 Viewing the Schedule Snapshot