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ICE Upgrade Nov 9, 2012

Dear Valued ICE Clients,

Thank you for your continued use of ICE.  This email is to inform you that the upgrade to was completed successfully.

This upgrade consists primarily of improvements to Practice Areas and Financials, and introduces two new Beta components.  Highlighting these Enhancements are:

Practice Areas:

  • •New invoice and statement layouts, which are practice specific.
  • •Bulk printing for patient invoices, ADA forms and statements.
  • •More search parameters including floating dates, sorting and invoice type. Search parameters can be saved as search templates.
  • •Generate automated tasks for billing actions and reporting.
  • •Integration of patient demographics in reporting and searching.
  • •New report for electronic insurance submissions results.
  • •Notification for execution of automated tasks.


  • •BETA: Electronic submissions with more details error messaging.
  • •Ability to link files and images to an invoice.
  • •Tooltip on insurance to display insurance coverage details.
  • •Limited invoice editing (non financial related) once an invoice has been locked.
  • •Notification for total procedures available on patient record.
  • •Generate patient statement from payment management.
  • •Practice Setting to lock new adjustments by default. Turned off by default.
  • •Additional fields for adding insurance related information to an invoice.

Dashboard (BETA): This purpose of the Dashboard is to provide a Summary View of all relevant information for any Patient or Provider.

  • •The Dashboard component allows you to access information from multiple modules on one page.
  • •There are two Dashboard types, Patient (collecting information from one patient account) and Provider (displays recent activity and other information for the day).
  • •You may create several Dashboards and each one is customizable to include only the modules that you wish.
  • •Dashboards for the five most recent patients are quickly accessible from buttons at the bottom of the page.
  • •Many items are directly accessible from within the dashboard, for example you may view images or upload files.
  • •To enable the Dashboard (Beta) for your practice, there is a Security Permission labelled “Dashboard” that can be configured to turn this on.

Lighting System (BETA): The purpose of the Lighting System is to allow busy practices to get a customized view or their operations at any time, in any location.

  • •The Lighting System is a new, non-Flash-based component that provides you with another scheduling view of your office and your patients.
  • •This System allows you to view appointments as descriptive blocks, or in a datagrid.
  • •This System visually allows you to see where patients are, what their Appointment Status is, and how far along they are in their appointment.
  • •The System will show you who has been waiting at each Appointment Status the longest, and can identify which appointment has been “Waiting for Doctor” longest.
  • •The System has several settings that allow you to configure the System to your preferences.
  • •To enable the Lighting System (Beta) for your practice, there is a Security Permission labelled “Lighting System” that can be configured to turn this on.

In addition to these areas, significant development has been completed in the areas of Scheduling, Reporting, Imaging, and Batch Payments and Adjustments in Financials.  These items are undergoing extensive testing and refinement.  Please watch for them in the coming upgrades, which will be announced shortly.

We trust that these changes will be positively received.  The items identified were requested by you or your peers. Please do not hesitate to contact your primary contact or Client Care directly ( if you have any questions, concerns, feedback, or issues regarding the upgrade.  Please see our signature for contact information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

ICE Client Care Team