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Animations Table of Contents

12.0 Patient Education Animations
12.1 Overview of Patient Education Animations
12.2 Creating a New Animation Set
12.3 Global Animation Set Templates
12.3.1 Creating a Global Animation Set Template
12.3.2 Assigning a Global Animation Set to a Patient
12.4 Editing an Animation Set
12.4.1 Editing the Speed, Start Point and End Point of an Animation Set
12.4.2 Adding Audio to an Animation Set
12.5 Viewing Animation Sets
12.6 Renaming or Deleting an Animation Set
12.6.1 Renaming an Animation Set
12.6.2 Deleting an Animation Set
12.7 The Animation Sets Detailed tab
12.7.1 Tracking the Details of a Patient’s Animation Sets
12.7.2 Searching within a Patient’s Detailed Animation Set List
12.7.3 Creating a Patient Access Report
12.8 How your Patients will access their Animations
13.0 Patient Education Presentations
13.1 Assigning Patient Education Presentations
13.2 Searching within a Patient’s Presentation List
13.3 Creating a Patient Access Report