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A: Refunds

B: Payment Reversals

C: Voiding Payments

Differences between Refunds, Payment Reversals, and Voiding a Payment.


The patient has paid for the procedure(s) and now wants their money back, for whatever reason.  The money is returned, and the practice is not expecting to get paid for the service but the service will still be tracked as completed. The intial payment, adjustment, and refund payment will appear in the ledger and applicable report.


Payment Reversals:

The patient pays for procedure(s) by one method but then wants to use a different method of payment (after the initial payment has been recorded). The practice still expects to get paid for the service. Therefore, no adjustments are required. Each transaction (the initial transaction,  the payment reversal, the final payment) are recorded and will appear in the ledger and reports.


Voiding a Payment:

Voiding a payment is equivalent to stating that the payment did not happen. Voiding would be used when the wrong payment information was saved (wrong amount or wrong payment type).  Any changes to the invoice(s) that resulted from the payment will be undone.  In most cases, no payments will appear in the ledger or applicable reports.

An exception occurs with the following steps:

1. An invoice was paid with an overpayment and an overpayment credit was created.

2. The overpayment credit was applied or refunded.

3. The intial payment that generated the overpayment, was voided.

Since the overpayment cannot be reversed, a new adjustment is done and an invoice is created for the overpayment credit amount.


A: Refunds


Apply Patient Refund


1)  To apply a Patient Refund Adjustment please follow the instructions until step  on 9.3.7 Invoice Adjustments 

2) Once the adjustment invoice has been edited click Continue-Generate Adjustment Invoice(s).


Process Save payment


1) Click the Process Payment or Refund button

Please note that  the Initial Payment, Adjustment, and Refund Payment will appear in the Ledger and Applicable Report.

2) Save Payment and Close Window



B: Payment Reversals


Reverse Payment


1) Change the filter to Show All Invoices

show all

2) Click the Green Icon  beside the payment that needs to be reversed

3) Save Payment


Pay Regular Invoice


1) The invoice will show up as outstanding and can now be paid like a regular invoice. Please see 9.4.1 Making a Payment

Please note that the Initial Transaction,  the Payment Reversal and the Final Payment will be recorded and appear in the Ledger and Reports


C: Voiding Payments


Select Void Payment

For more information on the Items Tied To Payments tab please see 9.4.5 Tracking Payments

1) Go to the Items Tied To Payments tab in the financials  section

items tied to payments3

2) Click the Void Payment option in the Actions column


Input Void Reason


1)  The Void Selection Dialogue Box will provide the user with the option to input the Void Reason. Click Yes


Please note that even though the payment is void the system keeps track of the payment. No voided payments will appear in the ledger or applicable reports. To view which payment has been voided go to the Invoice Management tab. To view the details of the payment, mouse over the desired row under the Last Status Column