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9.4.5 Tracking Payments


Click the Items Tied to Payments tab to view a list of payments for a patient.


  • 1. Click the Patient Dashboard.
  • 2. If the patient is not already shown in the patient bar, click to type the patient’s name in the Patient Search box (top right of the page) and then click the patient’s name from the list.

  • 3. Click Financials.
  • 4. Click the Items Tied to Payments tab.

items tied to payments

  • 4. To sort through the list, type a search term in the text box (with the magnifying glass) located under any of the column headings.


Click a payment from the upper table to list items tied to the payment in the table below. To view and compare additional payments, press CTRL and click to add to the table below.


items tied to payments2

To view a breakdown for payments that include more than one invoice, mouse over the invoice numbers under the Invoice # column.


hover over items