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9.4.3 Recording an Overpayment


An adjustment is not required for an overpayment. Instead, an overpayment adjustment is automatically entered into a patient’s account when a payment is for more than the total amount of a selected invoice.

Follow the steps below and the overpayment amount (over and above the original invoice total) will become available for a future payment towards another invoice and will be displayed in the Patient Summary under Patient Account Credit.


Locate the invoice and click the pay icon  in the Actions column.


  • 1. In the Patient Dashboard, select Financials in the menu bar.
  • 2. Select an invoice from the Invoice Management or Payments Tied to Invoices tab. The lists can be sorted by typing a search term in the text box (with the magnifying glass) located under any of the column headings.
  • 3. Once the invoice has been located, click the pay icon (in the Actions column) for that invoice. A dialog box with a list of outstanding invoices will be displayed and the chosen invoice will have been selected.


Click Continue to Step 2 and then choose Manual Entry and type the overpayment in the Amount text box.


  • 1. Click Continue to Step 2.
  • 2. Click to choose the Manual Entry option button and then click to type the overpayment in the Amount text box. An alert message will indicate that ‘An Overpayment Adjustment will be auto generated.’

  • 3. Click to choose Date of Payment and Method. Type any applicable notes in the text boxes.


Save Payment and Finish and then click to Close the Process Patient Payments window.


  • 1. Click Save Payment and Finish to end.
  • 2. Click Close Window.
  • 3. In the Invoice Management or Payments Tied to Invoices tab, mouse over the Invoice # to see the overpayment adjustment details.


The overpayment amount over and above the original invoice total will now be available for a future payment towards another invoice.

  • • Please note that available credit will be applied towards Recurring Payment Plans automatically (on the bill date).
  • • For other payments, click the Method drop-down list in the Step 2 dialog box and then click to choose Patient Credit.



Click Manage Credits in the Recurring and Payment Management tab to view and manage the credit available to a patient.


Also note that patient credit (highlighted in green) is listed in the Patient Summary panel at the left of the Financials dashboard. Mouse over Patient Account Credit to see Overpayment (as well as In-practice) credit amounts. Clicking Patient Account Credit will open the Manage Credits dialog box.