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9.3.8 Managing Credit

An account credit is created when a patient or insurance company has overpaid on an invoice. 
An overpayment adjustment will be created, which generates the credit. The credit can be refunded
to the patient or applied to another invoice. This is different from a downpayment. 


Patient Account Credit (highlighted in green) is listed in the Patient Summary panel at the left of the Financials dashboard. Mouse over Patient Account Credit to see In-practice credit (as well as overpayments).


Credit adjustments are a special type of invoice adjustments.


  • • Please see 9.3.7 Invoice Adjustments for instructions on adding an adjustment, such as a credit, to an invoice.
  • • Unlike other adjustments, a credit adjustment does not change the invoice total.
  • • The invoice must be locked before the credit amount becomes available for payment. (Click Lock Adjustments in the Invoice Management tab.)
  • • To apply credit towards an invoice or to refund credits, please see the information and instructions below.


Applying credit towards an invoice.


  • • Please note that available credit will be applied towards Recurring Payment Plans automatically (on the bill date).
  • • When Making a Payment, the Patient Credit Available will be listed at the top left of the Step 2 – Pay Selected Items dialog box. Click to choose Patient Credit as the Method. The credit amount will appear in the Amount text box.



Refunding, voiding and printing credits

Please note that multiple credits may be refunded at one time.


  • 1. Click Patient Account Credit in the Patient Summary Panel to open the Manage Credit Payments dialog box. Alternatively, click Manage Credits from the Recurring and Payment Management tab to open the dialog box.

manage credits

  • 2. Click to highlight the credit that you wish to refund, void or print. Press CTRL and click to select any additional credits.
  • 3. Click Refund Selected Credits, Void Selected Credit or Print Selected Credit Receipt. Please note that if part of the credit has been applied to an invoice, only the difference will be refunded.
  • 4. The Manage Credits dialog box will be updated to indicate the refund.