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9.3.5 Creating a New Invoice from Calculator


Procedures that are planned in Calculator are added to a list of calculators from which you can choose to create a new invoice.


  • 1. Click the Financials icon  in the menu bar.
  • 2. In the Invoice Management tab, click Invoice from Calculator.
  • 3. Click to choose a calculator, and then click Continue – Create Initial Invoice.
  • 4. To edit the cost of the initial payment, type the new price below the Fee column.

  • 5. Click Continue – Set Payees.
  • 6. As the patient only has themselves as a guarantor, no input is required in the Step 3 dialog box. Simply click Continue – Create Recurring Statement of Work.
  • 7. If applicable, add the tooth or area by clicking below the Area column. Click the tooth or area.
  • 8. Add the surface (if applicable) by clicking below the Surface column title, and then clicking to choose a surface from the list.
  • 9. To edit the cost of a procedure, type the new price below the Fee column.
  • 10. To remove a line item, select the item and click Delete Line Item.
  • 11. Click Continue – Set Payer for Outstanding Statement of Work.
  • 12. As the patient only has themselves as a guarantor, 100% of the outstanding total is assigned to the patient. (Please note – if the patient is assigned less than the full amount on this payment plan, there will be an option in the last step to assign the remainder to a second payment plan.)
  • 13. Click Continue – Generate Recurring Invoices.

  • 14. Type a Payment Plan Name in the text box, and click the Start Date and Frequency. Select the number of Occurences and the software will calculate and display the amount per payment.

Alternatively, check the Use Advanced Mode for Payment Plan check box. This mode allows individual amounts to be edited and payment lines to be added by selecting the Bill Date and the Amount.

9.3.51 (1)

  • 15. To save, click Continue – Save Statements of Work and Payment Plan Assignment.
  • 16. Step 7, click Close Window.