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9.3.4 Creating a New Invoice from Procedure(s)


Procedures that are planned or completed in Charting are added to a list of procedures from which you can choose to add to a new Invoice.

For a patient with no insurance and with only themselves as a guarantor.

 (For patients with insurance and/or one or more guarantors, please refer to these variations in 9.3.2 Creating a New Blank Invoice.)

  • 1. Click the Financials icon in the menu bar.
  • 2. In the Invoice Management tab, click Invoice Charted Procedure(s).
  • 3. Click to choose procedures to add to the statement of work. Press CTRL and click to include additional procedures. To update the Status column to ‘completed’, click Mark Selected as Completed. Click Continue – Create Statement of Work for Invoice.

  • 4. Add the applicable tooth or area by clicking below the Area column. Click the tooth or area.
  • 5. Add the surface (if applicable) by clicking below the Surface column title, and then clicking to choose a surface from the list.
  • 6. To edit the cost of a procedure, type the new price below the Fee column.
  • 7. To remove a line item, select the item and click Delete Line Item. (For patients with insurance, please see 9.3.2B for additional instructions at this stage. Refer to Step 9.)
  • 8. After adding all line items, click Continue – Set Payees.
  • 9. As the patient only has themselves as a guarantor, no input is required in the Step 3 dialog box. Simply click Continue – Generate Patient Invoices. (For patients with one or more guarantors, please see 9.3.2C for additional instructions at this stage. Refer to Step 11.)

  • 10. The Step 4 dialog box indicates that the invoice has been created and assigned. Click Close Window.