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9.3.3 Locking a Statement of Work (SOW)


There are several instances when an invoice locks automatically (including all associated invoices), such as when a payment is made towards the invoice, when an adjustment is made and at the end of the day.


To manually lock an invoice created from a Blank Invoice (9.3.2):


Locate the invoice to be locked.


  • 1. From the Patient Dashboard, click the Financials in the menu bar.
  • 2. If the patient is not already shown in the patient bar, click to type the patient’s name in the Patient Search box (top right of the page) and then click the patient’s name from the list.

  • 3. In either the Invoice Management or Payments Tied to Invoices tab, locate the invoice to be locked. The list of invoices can be filtered by typing a search term in the text box (with the magnifying glass) located under any of the column headings.


Lock the invoice from the Actions column.


  • 1. Click the arrow  under the Actions column for that invoice and then click Lock.


  • 2. Click OK to confirm.


The Actions Edit and Void will no longer be available. The Actions Adjust and Track will be gained. The Last Status column for that invoice will be updated to ‘Manual Lock’.



Please note that locking one part of an invoice (for example, the Patient’s portion of invoice 149) also locks any associated parts (in this case, the Insurance portion of the invoice, 149-2).