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9.2.4 Assigning Insurance Estimations


To assign insurance providers to a patient, please see instructions from 9.2.3 Assigning Insurance to a Patient. Then, to assign the insurance estimations, please follow the instructions below.


Locate the patient and open the Patient Registration dialog box.


  • 1.  In any of the ICE Health modules that display the Patient information bar, click More Details in the Patient tab to open a Patient Registration dialog box.

  • 2. Alternatively, click the Scheduling icon  in the ICE Dental menu bar.
  • 3. Type a patient’s name or code in the Patient Search text box at the top right corner of the menu bar. Click to choose the patient and a Patient Registration dialog box will appear.


Open the Insurance tab to view the patient’s insurance plans.


  • 1. Click the Insurance tab.

  • 2. Click an edit icon  under the Action column for an Insurance Provider to view an Estimation Summary of plan details and estimates.


To assign plan details and insurance estimates, click Edit to open the Manage Estimations dialog box.


  • 1. In the top right-hand corner, click Edit to open the Manage Estimations dialog box.
  • 2. Click to type values for any plan maximums and deductibles. Click to choose the type of maximums or deductibles from the applicable drop-down lists.

  • 3. To enter any custom notes, click the flag icon beside a plan detail. (A red flag indicates that a note is present for that plan detail.)
  • 4. Alternatively, notes may be added to the text box in the lower right corner.
  • 5. In the estimation table, click to type a percentage in the Value (%) text box for each applicable category.
  • 6. Click Save.


If required, Add Exceptions.


  • 1. To edit the insurance estimations in more detail, click Add Exception.
  • 2. A list of ADA codes with the percentage covered (Category Percent) by the Insurance Provider will appear in a new window. To filter through the list, click to type a search term in a text box (with a magnifying glass) under a column heading.

  • 3. To alter the coverage for a specific code, select the checkbox under the exception column for the code. Either click to type a new percentage (% Covered) or a maximum amount (Coverage Max) for the code. Repeat this process for any other codes.