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9.1 Overview of Financials

The Financials module allows you to:


The Patient Summary Panel

A Patient Summary panel on the left side of the Financials dashboard displays a summary of the patient’s financial information. Click an arrow to expand and close categories. To refresh, click the Refresh icon refresh beside the Patient Summary.

patient summary

Recent Activity – Click the arrow to expand and view recent payments and today’s charges
Billed Summary – Outstanding charges for the patient, the account (includes additional family member’s charges) and insurance companies that have been billed
Recurring Summary– All non-billed charges for a patient and the account (includes additional family members charges) associated with a Recurring Payment Plan
Full Unpaid Summary – Click the arrow to expand, this is a summary of all the billed and non-billed charges
Charted Procedures – An estimate for all planned and completed procedures for the patient
Click Patient Account Credit or Patient Down Payment to open a dialog box to manage these options Mouse over Patient Account Credit to see In-practice and Overpayment credit amounts
Patient Breakdown – Outstanding charges broken down monthly, available credit and down payments
Related Breakdown – Charges for guarantors or dependents (if any). Click a name to open the account for that guarantor or family member.



The Financials Dashboard

Several sections are available from the Financials dashboard:

Clicking any of these tabs displays one or more lists of relevant invoices or data. invoice management


The Patient Information Panel

A patient information panel on the right side of the window (hidden by default) can be expanded by clicking the long vertical << button.

Click More Details in the Patient tab to open up a Patient Registration dialog box in the Scheduling module. There you can add or update information such as an email address and insurance information.
The lower panel contains medical (Hx tab) and prescription (Rx tab) information about the patient.
To close the patient information panel, click Hide>>.