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7.6 Performing Cephalometric Tracings and Analysis


Locate the image to measure in the Labels View tab.


  • 1. Click the Imaging icon  in the ICE dental menu bar.
  • 2. Click the Labels View tab.
  • 3. Click to choose an image label from the Labels column on the left.


Click to open the Measurements dialog box.


  • Click the measurements icon at the bottom left of the image box. A Measurements dialog box will open.


Make any adjustments to the image.


There are several ways to modify the image.

Please note that adjustments may be made throughout the analysis process.

  • 1. Click one of the fit icons  to fit the image either horizontally or vertically.
  • 2. Drag the Zoom slider to adjust the size of the image.

  • 3. Mouse-over Show Image Adjustments to display an image adjustment dialog box.  Select a checkbox or drag one of the sliders to modify the image.


Click to Calibrate the image (or Recalibrate, if applicable).


  • 1. Click the Not Calibrated – Calibrate Now button (or Recalibrate button, if a calibration has already been measured) at the top right of the Measurements window.

  • 2. On the ruler, in the image, choose calibration point A.
  • 3. Choose calibration point B.
  • 4. Type the calibration length (in mm) in the text box and then click OK.


Click to Add a New Analysis.


  • 1. Click the Add New Analysis drop-down list to choose an analysis type.

  • 2. A landmark guide will appear at the top left of the window. Click the landmarks indicated on your image.

  • 3. To help you find your landmarks, use the Zoom slider and the image frame scroll boxes to adjust the size and position of the image.
  • 4. To edit a landmark, click the Edit Points icon  under the Mode heading at the top left of the window. Drag the landmark that you wish to edit to its new location. Click the Add Points icon  to continue adding landmarks.


Viewing your results.


Tracings will be added to the image as landmark selections are completed.


  • 1. To change the color of the tracing, click the applicable color box in the Layer table. Un-select a checkmark box to hide an analysis or tracing in the display.

  • 2. Individual tracings for an analysis may also be displayed or hidden by selecting or de-selecting checkboxes from the Tracings tab.
  • 3. Click an analysis name in the Layer table to display numerical results in the Analysis Values tab.


Save your measurements.


  • Click Save and Close at the bottom of the Measurements window to return to the Labels View tab. The measurements icon will now be green, indicating that measurements have been made for that image.