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7.4 Downloading an Image to your Computer


Locate the image from either the Imaging tab or the Labels View tab.


An extra, ‘selection’ step is required to download an image from the Labels View tab.


A: From the Imaging Tab:

  • 1. Click the Imaging icon  in the ICE dental menu bar.
  • 2. In the Imaging tab, click to choose a Template View that includes the image that you would like to download.

  • 3. Click to choose a date under the Timepoints column on the left.

B: From the Labels View Tab:

  • 1. Click the Imaging icon  in the ICE dental menu bar.
  • 2. Click the Labels View tab.
  • 3. Click to choose an image label from the Labels column on the left.

  • 4. Select the checkbox for the image that you would like to download and then click View Selected.
  • 5. A grid view of the image will be displayed in the Labels View tab.


Right-click the image and save to your computer.


  • 1. Right-click the image that you wish to download.
  • 2. Click to choose either Download Image (including any editing that has been made) or Download Original (unedited image as uploaded originally).

  • 3. Follow instructions in the Save File dialog box.
  • 4. If you are in the Labels View tab, click Close, on the bottom right, to return from the grid view to the label list view.