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7.2 Uploading Images


Choose a template view and highlight the template location for the image.


  • 1. Click the Imaging icon  in the ICE dental menu bar.
  • 2. In the Imaging tab, click to choose a Template View.

  • 3. Click to highlight an image location. Either click an empty spot or click an image to update.

  • Please note that updating an image does not delete the previous image. The older image will still be available for comparisons (please see Overview of Imaging 7.1).


Upload an image from your computer, scanning device or webcam:


A: Uploading an Image from your Computer

  • 1. Click Upload in the Imaging tab.

  • 2. Locate the image on your computer and then click Open.
  • 3. The image will appear in the highlighted position.

B: Uploading an Image from a Scanning Device


* When you click Scan for the first time, you may be prompted to install a TWAIN driver plugin. The TWAIN Plug in Installation Instructions shows the three steps required for installation. Click Start Plugin Installation. In the Opening Dynamic Web Twain.xpi dialog box, click to choose Open with and then click Browse. In the Choose Helper Application dialog box, click to choose Firefox and then click OK. Click Install Now in the Software Installation dialog box. In the Add-ons dialog box, click Restart.

* For added reliability, you will need to install the ICE Local Service App. With this App, X-rays are initially saved to your local computer’s hard drive before being uploaded to ICE. This action ensures that images will not be lost in the event of a disruption to the browser connection. Click Install Local Service in the bottom left hand corner to download the installer. Once downloading is complete, open and run the installer program. Follow instructions to select an installation folder and then click Next to begin. If prompted, click Yes to allow the program to make changes to the computer.


  • 1. Click Scan and then click to choose a scanning device.

  • 2. Follow the instructions for your scanner.
  • 3. The image will appear in the highlighted position.

C: Uploading an Image from a Webcam

  • 1. Click Webcam and then click to choose a device.
  • You may be asked to allow access to your webcam device. Click Allow to return to the Imaging tab and then click Webcam.

  • 2. Click Take Photo and then click Save.
  • 3. The image will appear in the highlighted position.


Save changes.


  •  Either click Save MM/DD/YYYY (to save changes for that date) or click Save All Changes, located at the bottom of the Imaging tab window.


If you have accidentally uploaded the wrong image or to the wrong patient, please see Moving and Deleting Images 7.3.



To edit the image properties, or to move the image within the template, please see Editing Images 7.5.