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For an overview of the charting dashboard, please see 6.1 Overview of Charting.


Locate the Patient’s Restorative Chart


1) From a module like Patient History    or Correspondence , choose a patient. Click to type the patient’s name in the Patient Search box (top right of the page) and then click the patient’s name from the list.

2) Click the Charting   icon in the ICE Health menu bar.

3) Click to open the Restorative tab.      


Create and Name a New Group Template


1)  Click the Other Procedures button at the top right of the progress notes to open a dialog box.

2) Click  Manage Code Groups>>    in the top right hand corner of the Other Procedures window.

3) To name the New Template, click the text box to the right of New Template Name:. Then enter the name of the New Template


Add Procedures and Conditions to the New Template


1) Procedures and Conditions can be added by clicking the text box  below the Cond./Proc. Column

2) Type the name or code of a procedure. Select the desired procedure  from the drop down menu.

3)  If applicable edit the Area, Surface, Materials and Status of the procedure by selecting the empty area below each column.

4) Click Save>>

Please note that the saved template will show up automatically below.


Edit Existing Templates


1) To edit a code group template, click  Manage Code Groups>>    in the top right hand corner of the Other Procedures window.

2) Click the Edit icon  beside the saved Template

3)To Add Procedures/Conditions to the code group Template, click the Green icon

4) To Remove Procedures/ Conditions form the template click the red icon  in the right hand side of the corresponding row.

5) To Remove the entire Template click the red icon beside the Template name 

6) To Save the changes to the Template click the Save Changes located beside the Template name.


Add A Template to the  Progress Notes


1) Click the Other Procedures button.

2) Search the Template name in the Code Group Templates box and Select the Template

3) Set the Status of the Condition/Procedure by clicking the drop down menu below the Status column.

4)  To  Set a date for the Procedure/Condition  click the New Date button to the right of the timeline.

 5) Once the date is selected, click Select to add the procedure to the progress notes.