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6.5 Creating an Entry in Orthodontic Charting

For an overview of the Charting dashboard, please see 6.1 Overview of Charting.


Locate the patient’s Orthodontic chart and select a date for the entry.


  • 1. From a module like Patient History  or Correspondence , choose a patient. Click to type the patient’s name in the Patient Search box (top right of the page) and then click the patient’s name from the list.
  • 2. Click the Charting  icon in the ICE Health menu bar.
  • 3. Click to open the Ortho tab.


Add Bonding to the chart.


  • 1. Click to expand the Bonding tab in the Tools bar.


  • 2. Click to Bond All teeth, Bond Upper or Bond Lower. (Bonds may also be removed. Click to Debond All, Debond Upper or Debond Lower.)
  • 3. To bond individual teeth, click the tooth number above or below a tooth in the graphical chart. Mouse-over Bracket Teeth and then click to choose either Bond or Band.

  • 4. To remove a single item, click the number above or below a tooth. Mouse-over Remove Items and then click the item that you wish to remove.
  • 5. If required, add a Temporary Anchoring Device (TAD). Click to expand the Chart Setup tab. Under Other Tasks, click TAD and then click the applicable area in the graphical chart. Click TAD once again to turn off the selection.


  • Please note that there is an option to Undo Unsaved Work in the Chart Setup tab.


Add Elastics & Springs.


  • 1. Click to expand the Elastics & Springs tab in the Tools bar.


  • 2. Click to expand one of the drop-down lists and then click to choose one of the Elastics or Springs.


  • 3. In the graphical chart, click two of the bonded teeth that you would like to join with the chosen type of elastic (or spring).
  • 4. Continue clicking to join additional teeth.


  • 5. To include additional types of elastics or springs, first click Add and then click to select another type of Elastic or Spring from a drop-down list.
  • 6. Continue clicking to join bonded teeth.
  • 7. If you wish to remove elastics, click Remove all Elastics. Similarly, if you wish to remove springs, click Remove all Springs.


Save the entry and add information to the Progress Notes.


Please note that columns in the progress notes section are customisable, as is the content for drop-down lists. Contact your ICE account representative for more information.

To create an appointment for planned procedures from the Progress Notes, please see 6.6 Creating an Unscheduled Appointment from Charting.


  • 1. Click Save below the Tools bar. (A red font indicates that new information has been added and has not yet been saved.)


  • 2. Under the Interarch column in the Progress Notes, click Add Info to incorporate the changes made in the graphical chart.


  • 3. Under the appropriate column, either click to type information in a text box or click to choose from a drop-down list. Please note that progress notes may only be edited on the current day.
  • 4. To add information on subsequent days, click the Add Addendum  icon and then click to type notes in the addendum text box.
  • 5. Click to Save the entry.