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6.2 Setting up a Patient’s Chart


From the Charting module, you are able to set up a patient’s dentition, existing conditions, and general periodontal findings with the Tools bar and the graphical chart.  

For an overview of the Charting dashboard, please see 6.1 Overview of Charting.


Locate the patient’s chart.


  • 1. From a module like Patient History  or Correspondence , choose a patient. Click to type the patient’s name in the Patient Search box (top right of the page) and then click the patient’s name from the list.
  • 2. Click the Charting  icon in the ICE Health menu bar.


Set the patient’s dentition.


  • 1. Click to open the Perio tab (at the top left of the window). Please note that a patient’s chart information may be set from all three of the Charting module tabs but the Perio tab offers the most options for initial set-up.
  • 2. Click to expand the Chart Setup tab in the Tools bar at the right-hand side of the dashboard.


  • 3. Click to choose the patient’s dentition below Initial Charts.
  • 4. If applicable, click to extract Extract 3rd Molars below Other Tasks.
  • 5. To make changes to the dentition for particular teeth, click the tooth number above or below the tooth in the graphical chart. Mouse-over Tooth States, and then click to choose a state from the list.


Set up any existing conditions in the graphical chart.


  • 1. To chart tooth Mobility, click the number above or below a tooth. Mouse over Mobility, and then click I, II, or III from the list.

  • 2. If the gum tissue has become keratinized, click the number above or below the tooth, and then click Keratinized Tissue.
  • 3. If you wish to delete any existing conditions or tooth states, click the number above or below the tooth and then click Remove Items.

Chart the patient’s general Perio Findings.


General perio findings are chosen by clicking from a list of findings for each of 13 periodontal parameters. Once submitted, perio findings appear in the progress notes.


  • 1. Click to expand the Perio Findings tab in the Tools bar.

  • 2. Click to expand the drop-down lists for each of the categories and then click to choose one of the descriptive options.
  • 3. Click to type any additional Periodontal Findings in the text box at the bottom of the tab.
  • 4. Click Submit.


To chart additional details, please see the following sections:



Also note that there are options to Reset Chart and Undo Unsaved Work in the Chart Setup tab.