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6.1 Overview of Charting


From the ICE Health Systems Charting  module, you are able to:


Set up a patient’s chart. The Charting dashboard has two main components, a graphical representation of a patient’s chart and Progress Notes for additional documentation.


Access and view patient data from the Tools bar on the right-hand side of the dashboard.

  • For example, the Patient Information tab is integrated with the Imaging module, so that you have direct access to patient X-rays without having to switch back and forth between modules.

Add diagnoses and procedures to a patient’s chart. Restorative procedures (planned or completed) are automatically added to a list in the Financials module from which you can choose to add to a new invoice.


Use the sliding Timeline to view changes to a patient’s chart over time.


Create unscheduled appointments from the Progress notes.


Graphical Chart and Tools Bar.
The ICE Health Systems Charting  module has tabs for Orthodontic, Periodontal and Restorative charts. The Tools bar provides tabs with Patient Information as well as tabs for setting up or adding data to a patient’s chart.
Each tab has its own graphical chart for displaying and adding conditions and procedures. Click an X-ray image from the Patient Information tab to display a larger view.


Timeline and Progress Notes.
Use the Timeline to view changes to a patient’s chart over time. Click to select the time point that you would like to view. There are quick links  to the Letters Editor, the Recall /Notes module and to Treatment Planning.

Progress Notes are used to document a patients’s conditions and procedures, as well as to create unscheduled appointments. To work with the Progress Notes in a larger window, click ^^Expand Notes^^ (at the top left of the notes).
Please note that columns in the Progress Notes section are customizable; changes can be made by contacting your ICE account representative.