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5.2 Creating a Treatment Plan Template


Scheduling is facilitated by having Treatment Plan Templates for procedures that are commonly performed during a single appointment. At the time of appointment booking, the scheduler simply chooses a template rather than repeatedly having to enter each procedure individually.


Open a Treatment Plan Template Panel from the My Profile module and create a Treatment Plan Template.


  • 1. Click the My Profile  icon in the ICE Health menu bar.
  • 2. Next, click Treatment Planning in the My Profile bar.


  • 3. Click New Treatment Plan Template in the Treatment Plan Template panel.
  • 4. Click to type a name in the Template Name dialog box.


Add Procedures to the Treatment Plan Template.


  • 1. Below Treatment Option, click + Add Procedure.

  • 2. Click to type a code under the Procedure column. The code and description will populate the text box.
  • 3. Alternatively, to open a dialog box with a list of procedure codes, click under the Procedure column and then click the  icon.
  • 4. Click to choose a code from the list and then click OK.
  • 5. In addition, you may copy and paste procedures from treatment plans. Click the copy  icon beside a procedure line that you would like to replicate.
  • 6. To paste the procedure, click + Paste Here.
  • 7. Repeat the steps above to include additional procedures in the template.
  • 8. To delete a procedure from the treatment plan, click the delete  icon. Click Yes in the dialog box to confirm that you wish to delete the procedure.


Click Save Changes at the bottom of the panel to save the Treatment Plan Template.