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5.1 Overview of Treatment Planning


Treatment planning  is available from within the ICE Health Charting module.


Treatment Plan Templates may be created from the My Profile module. For instructions, please see 5.2 Creating a Treatment Plan Template.

  • Scheduling is facilitated by having Treatment Plan Templates for procedures that are commonly performed during a single appointment. At the time of appointment booking, the scheduler simply chooses a template rather than repeatedly having to enter each procedure individually.

Treatment Plans may include several Options, providing patients with a choice of procedures or materials to treat a condition. For instructions, please see 5.3 Creating a Treatment Plan.


Once a Treatment Plan has been accepted and the consent form has been signed, the procedures are automatically added to a list in the Financials module, from which a new invoice may be created.

  • In addition, the graphical chart and progress notes in the Charting module will be updated to include the planned procedures.


The Treatment Planning dialog box.


Click   (top right) to maximize the dialog box. Alternatively, click   to open Treatment Planning in a new window tab.


Plans are listed by the date that they are created. Plans and options may be hidden or displayed, depending on your preferred view of the plans.

  • Click  or  to show or hide individual options. Alternatively, checkmark to Hide Accepted Treatment Plans (at the top right of the window) or checkmark to Hide Declined Treatment Options (at the top right of each plan).


Once an option has been accepted or declined, the decisions are flagged in green (accepted) or red (declined).


A Practice Fee Schedule and Patient Insurance information must be set in order for estimates to auto-populate the Cost and Insurance columns of the Treatment plan.