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Block Scheduling allows you to create a schedule template based on Appointment types. Before setting up Block Scheduling, see 3.4 Creating Appointment Types and 3.10.1 Creating your Schedule Template.

4.7.1 Setting up Block Scheduling


Manage Block Scheduling


1) Click the Scheduling  icon in the ICE menu bar.

2) Click Schedule in the Schedule menu bar, then click  Schedule Block.

3) In the Schedule Block Management dialog box, click Create New.

4) In the Edit Schedule Block dialog box, type a Title and Description.

5) Select a schedule template by clicking the checkbox beside a Template Name, and then click Save.


Creating A Block Schedule


1) In the Set Up Block Schedule window, create your scheduling blocks by either:

  • a. Dragging Appointment Types from the Appointment Type bar to the schedule template or,
  • b. Clicking an appointment type in the Appointment Type bar and then double-clicking locations in the schedule.

2) Continue until your block scheduling template is complete.

3) Click Save Layout.


Apply The Block Schedule Layout


1) In the Schedule Block Management dialog box, click your block schedule from the list.

2) Click the Apply Layout icon (checkmark) in the Action column beside the schedule block name.

3) In the Apply Schedule Block to Schedule Template dialog box, click the dates for which the schedule applies. To click multiple dates, hold down CTRL on your keyboard while clicking dates.


4) Click Apply. Click Yes when asked, “Are you sure you want to create these Schedule Blocks?

5) Close the Schedule Blocks dialog box.