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4.3.4 Unscheduled Appointments


At the right side of the Scheduling  dashboard, a Clipboard tab is located in the schedule bar.




Please see 3.10.3 Setting your Calendar Colors and 3.10.4 Setting the Date Jump Buttons for information and instructions on setting up this calendar.




The Clipboard Tab

Click Clipboard to expand the tab and view the appointments that have not yet been assigned a date and time.

For information on:

please follow the instructions below.



A: Adding Patients to the Unscheduled Appointment List.


Appointments created from the Charting module automatically populate the Unscheduled Appointments list (please see 4.3.3 Creating an Appointment from Charting).


Appointments may also be added to the list from the scheduling dashboard.


  • 1. Locate the schedule for the original appointment date. Click the arrows to move through the calendar months in the schedule panel.
  • 2. Click the day to display the appointments scheduled for that date.
  • 3. Drag the appointment from the scheduling dashboard to the Unscheduled appointment list.


RightArrowBlueOutlineAppointments can also be added to the Clipboard tab from the Create Appointment dialog box.


  • 1. Double Click the Appointment time in the Scheduling Dashboard.
  • 2. Select a Patient and the Appointment Type.
  • 3. Click the Move To Clipboard button under the Select Providers and Resources box.



  • 4. In the Move to Clipboard dialog box, select a Recommended Date, and the Priority for the appointment.
  • 5. Click Move.



B: Managing the Clipboard Tab.


Use the scroll box to look through the list of unscheduled appointments.


There are three icons associated with each appointment.


  • • Mouse-over the first two icons to view a summary of appointment details or patient information.
  • • Click the Details icon to open an appointment search dialog box. Please see section C on Scheduling for more information.
  • • Click the Patient icon to open a Patient Registration dialog box.
  • • Click the Delete icon to delete and remove the appointment from the list. Also see 4.4.2 Deleting an Appointment from Unscheduled Appointments.


Adjusting the Settings.


Click the All Appointment Types button to open the  Clipboard Settings dialogue box.







The Clipboard Settings dialog box customizes which appointments are shown under the Clipboard tab. Once the preferred settings are selected, click Save.

To include patients from the short call list, check the Include Scheduled Appointments from Short Call List (SCL) check-box.

Please note, clicking  All Locations, All Priorities and Include Scheduled from SCL will also lead to the Clipboard Settings dialogue box.

Filtering the List.


The list also may be filtered by patient name. To locate the unscheduled appointment for a particular patient, click to type a name in the Filter text box.





C: Scheduling Appointments for Patients from the Unscheduled Appointment List.

There are two ways to create an appointment for a patient in the unscheduled appointment list:


Drag the appointment from the Unscheduled Appointment tab to an open spot on the scheduling dashboard:


  • 1. Open the schedule for the appointment date. Click the arrows to move through the calendar months in the schedule panel.
  • 2. Click the day for the new appointment.
  • 2. Locate the appointment that you wish to schedule (please see section B on Managing, above, for information on searching, sorting, and filtering through the list).
  • 3. Drag the appointment from the Unscheduled appointment list to an open spot on the dashboard.


Alternatively, click the details icon  to open a Search Availability dialog box.


Click the details icon for the appointment to open a search dialog box.



Click to select the various options for appointment availability and then click Run.


  • 1. Click to select the Next Available Appointment Date. Alternatively, click to select Between and then click to type the number of days for the beginning and ending date range.

  • 2. Click to select the preferred Time of Day.
  • 3. Click to select preferred Days of the Week. Please note that you may select more than one day.
  • 4. Click to search by Appointment Type or by Units.  If you wish to search by Units, click to type the number of units (one unit is equal to five minutes) in the text box.
  • 5. Click to choose a Provider Type from the drop-down list and then check to select individuals from the Provider list. Please note that you may select more than one provider.
  • 6. Click to choose a Resource Type from the drop-down list and then check to select resources from the Resource list. Please note that you may select more than one resource.
  • 7. Click Run to search for available appointments that fit your preferred options.


Choose an appointment from the Search Results.


  • Click the edit appointment icon  under the Action column to choose an appointment from the Search Results list.


Fill out the Create Appointment dialog box for the patient and then click Save and Close. A red asterisk * indicates a required field.


  • 1. Click to type a first or last name in the Patient text box . Select the patient’s name from the drop-down list below. Alternatively, click the patient patient search icon icon to view the last 5 patients.


  • 2. Click to choose an office from the Location drop-down list.
  • 3. Click to choose an Appointment Type from the drop-down list.
  • 4.Click to choose an Appointment Date from the calendar.
  • 5. Click to choose a Start and End time for the appointment from the drop-down lists. The number of units (one unit is equal to five minutes) is indicated in brackets after the End time.
  • 6. If the already added Providers/Resources need to be changed, click to type the Provider/Resource code or name in the Select Providers and Resources text box. Select the names of the Providers/Resources in the drop-down menu. The names of the selected Provider/Resource will appear in the list below.  Alternatively, click the Advanced button to open the Advanced Provider and Resource Selection dialogue box.
  • 7.  Click Save and Close.