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Thank you for using ICE Health Systems. If you require additional assistance, please contact your ICE Health Systems representative using one of the methods indicated on the right side menu.



Select a Date


1) Click the Scheduling icon  in the ICE Health menu bar.

2) Choose a date for the appointment by clicking a date on the calendar in the Scheduling Bar on the right of the Schedule Dashboard.

3) Double-click an appointment time below the resource or provider in the Schedule Dashboard.


Select a Patient


1) In the Create Appointment dialog box, type the Patient’s name in the Patient text box. Alternatively, click the Patient icon patient search icon. A drop-down list will appear with the 5 most recently accessed patients. 



Edit Appointment Details


1) The Appointment Date will be automatically set, but you may change the  date by typing  beside Appointment Date in MM/DD/YYYY format, or else click the calendar icon beside Appointment Date and click the date on the calendar.

Create appointment2

2)Choose an Appointment Type by clicking a type from the Select a Type list.

4) The Start Time will be automatically set to the time you double-clicked in the Schedule Dashboard. The End Time will be automatically set based on which Appointment Type you selected. You may change the Start and End Time by clicking a Start Time and End Time (Duration) for the appointment.

5) Depending on where you double-clicked in the schedule to create an appointment, you may see  the Provider or Resource auto-selected for the appointment.  Select a Provider or Resource by typing the Provider/ Resource name  then selecting the desired Provider/Resource in the drop down menu. Alternatively, click the Advanced button to open the Advanced Provider and Resource Selection dialogue box where the Provider/Resource can be filtered by Location, Schedule, Provider and Resource.


Please note, if the location of the appointment differs from the patients preferred location, an alert will appear confirming the location of the appointment.  

Please note, to remove the list of selected Providers/Resources click Remove All.

6) Click Save & Close.