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4.2 Creating a Patient

4.2.1 Creating a Patient in Scheduling

  1. Click Patient in the Schedule menu bar, and then click Create Patient.
  2. Create New Patient – Seven Step Dialog Box

Patient Registration Dialog Box 7 Steps Screenshot

  1. The Create New Patient dialog box will take you through seven steps to gather a comprehensive list of patient information.
  2. For Step 1 of 7: Click a Salutation from the list, type the patient’s Last and First Name, click the Sex, type the patient’s Date of Birth, and click Check Availability to populate the Patient Code.
  3. Fields marked with a red asterisk are required.
  4. Click Save and Continue.
  5. Follow the directions on the Create New Patient dialog box for steps 2 through 7.
  6. To switch to a patient, click Switch to Patient or close Create New Patient dialog box, click Close. Patient information will be stored and can be accessed at a later date for completion.
  7. Once steps 1 through 7 for patient information have been completed. It will prompt you to open patient registration.
  8. Patient Registration dialog box.

Patient Registration Dialog Box Screenshot