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4.14 Viewing The Schedule Snapshot

 Please note, the Snapshot is currently in the process of being moved to the 19.0 Lighting system



View Practice Snapshot


1) Click the Scheduling SchedIcon icon in the ICE Health menu bar.

2) In the Sceduling Menu Bar, click ICE Admin and mouse over To Be Removed and click Snapshot.




Edit Snapshot


1) In the Practice Snapshot dialog box, type the number of minutes to set the time parameter for the snapshot. Click the Refresh icon beside the All Statuses list to update the snapshot.


2) Click the appointment status from the All Statuses list. Then click Refresh to update the snapshot.
To view the patient’s appointment history, click the View 4.143 icon  under the Action column of the snapshot.
To edit the appointment, click the Edit icon EditIcon under the Action column of the snapshot.