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4.11 Searching for Appointment Availability

4.11.1 Creating a Customized Availability Search

You can create availability searches for either specific appointment types or for specific lengths of time.



Open Search Availability


1) In the Schedule bar, click to expand Search Availability.

2) Click the icon in front of Standard Search.





Run a Standard Search


1. Click to select the Next Available Appointment DateAlternatively, click to select Between and then click to type the number of days for the beginning and ending date range.

search availability (1)

2. Click to select the preferred Time of Day.

3. Click to select preferred Days of the Week. Please note that you may select more than one day.

4. Click to search by Appointment Type or by Units.  If you wish to search by Units, click to type the number of units (one unit is equal to five minutes) in the text box.

5. Click to type a Search Title and the Description for the availability search .

6. Click Save As Template.

This template will show up under the Search Availability tab in the Schedule Bar.