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4.11.3 Adjusting Search Parameters When Searching For Available Appointments



Editing the Search Availability Template


1) Click the Scheduling SchedIcon  icon in the ICE Health menu bar.

2) In the Schedule bar, click to expand Search Availability.

search availability 2

3) Click the edit EditIcon icon in front of the search name in the Search Availability list.


4) In the Search Availability dialog box, click the checkboxes to adjust search parameters. ( see Part C Step BlueCircle2 in 4.3.4 Unscheduled Appointments)

5) Click Run.



Editing the Appointment Details


1) In the Search Results dialog box, click the Edit Appointment  EditApptIcon icon beside the desired appointment time in the list.

search result by units

2) In the Create Appointment dialog box, type the appointment details (see 4.3 Creating an Appointment), and click Save & Close.