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3.2 Managing Providers


3.2.1 Adding Providers

Both a Rendering and a Billing Provider are required.



Create New Provider


1) Click the Scheduling SchedIcon icon in the ICE Health menu bar.

2) Click Practice in the scheduling menu bar, then click Providers on the drop-down menu.


3) Click Create New in the first Provider Management dialog box.




Edit Provider Information


1) In the second  Provider Management dialog box, select a provider Type from the drop down menu, type the provider’s First Name, Last Name, and Short Code.

2) To enter a Provider Code,  click Check Availability  in order to auto-populate codes that are available. This can be manually overwritten by typing in the text box.


3) Type the provider’s City and Zip code, and select the Country from the drop down menu.

4) Click the checkbox beside the Provider Type Name.

5)  Select the StatusSpecialty code and Location  from the respective drop-down menu.

6) A Rendering Provider must select a Specialty code and type an NPI and Licence Number in the Network ID text boxes. A Billing Provider must include a Provider ID and click to choose a Tax ID Type and then type a Licence number and a Tax ID number in the Network ID text boxes. Ensure that a complete address and phone number have been entered for both of these Providers.

7) Click Save.

8) In the pop-up window you will be asked if you wish to create another provider, click either Yes or No.



Set Default Settings


1) To set the default Rendering and Billing Providers, click Practice in the scheduling menu bar, then click Insurance.


2) In the Insurance Provider Management dialog box. Click to choose a Default Billing Provider and a Default Rendering Provider.



3) Click Save and Close.