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3.11 Creating Patient Custom Fields


Add custom fields to your Patient Registration data. To use these fields for creating reports, please see section 16.2.1 Performing a Patient Demographic Search.


Open a Create Custom Fields dialog box.


  • 1. Click the Scheduling icon  in the ICE Health menu bar.
  • 2. From the Scheduling menu bar, click Practice and click  Patient Custom Fields.


  • 3. In the Patient Custom Field Management dialog box, click Create New.



Set up the Custom Field.


  • 1. Click to type a Title for the custom field.

  • 2. The default Status will be ‘Enabled’.
  • 3. Click the Select Type drop-down menu to choose how to enter the data for the custom field. Options are Text box, Memo, Select (allows the selection of an option from a list) or Multiselect (allows selection of more than one option from a list).
  • 4. Click to type a Default value for either Text Box or Memo. Otherwise, click to type an Option name for a Select or Multiselect list.

  • 5. If applicable, click to Add Another Option and then click to type the option name. Repeat this step to add more options to the list.
  • 6. Click to Save and close the Custom Field dialog box.


Add custom field information to a patient’s registration data.


  • 1. From the Scheduling module, click to type a patient’s name in the Patient Search box (top right of the page) and then click the patient’s name from the list. Alternatively, from modules with a Patient tab to the right of the dashboard (such as Patient History), click More Details.

  • 2. A Patient Registration dialog box will open. Custom Fields are found near the bottom, right-hand side of the window.  Click an edit icon  under the Actions column for the custom field that you would like to update.

  • 3. Click to choose an option (or click to type applicable information, depending on the Select Type that was chosen for your custom field in Step ).

  • 4. Click Save to return to the Patient Registration dialog box and then click Save and Close.


Manage the custom field.


  • 1. From the Scheduling menu bar, click Practice, then click Patient Custom Fields.


  • 2. To edit a Custom Field, click an edit icon  under the Actions column.


  • 3. To delete a Custom Field, click the delete icon  for that field under the Actions column.