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3.10.4 Setting the Date Jump buttons for your Calendar


Please see Creating your Scheduling template and Creating your Dashboard View to set up those features of the Scheduling module.


A calendar is displayed at the top of the schedule bar on the right side of the Scheduling module dashboard.


Click a date to view the schedule for that day. The displayed schedule date will be indicated on the calendar by bold italics (22 in the example to the left). Today’s date will be indicated by an underline (19 in the example to the left).


Calendar colors indicate notable events. Mouse-over one of the highlighted dates to view the event title. Please see Setting your Calendar Colors for instructions on calendar colors.


Date Jump Buttons are directly below the calendar.



Date Jump Buttons.

• Click the today icon  to view the schedule for today’s date.

• To view the schedule for six months ahead, click the +6m Date Jump button.

• Five Date Jump buttons are available (not including the Today icon). To set the time period for these buttons, follow the instructions below.

• Please note that the jump is based on the currently displayed schedule date (in bold italics) and not necessarily today’s date (underlined).


Setting the Date Jump Buttons.


Open the Manage Date Buttons dialog box from the Scheduling module menu bar.


  • 1. Click the Scheduling icon  in the ICE Health menu bar.
  • 2. From the Scheduling menu bar, click Schedule and then click Date ‘Jump’ Buttons.



Edit the time periods, titles and descriptions for each button.


  • 1. Click the drop-down list and then click to choose the type of time period for a button (day, week, month or year).
  • 2. Click to type the number of days, weeks, months or years.
  • 3. Click to type a short, 3-character Title for the button. This title will appear on the date jump buttons for your scheduling dashboard.
  • 4. Click to type a Description for the button.


  • 5. Repeat above Steps 14 for each button that you would like to edit.
  • 6. Click to Save and close the dialog box.