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3.10.2 Creating Your Dashboard View

Your Dashboard view shows the appointment schedule for each resource/provider that you would like to see. The view is based on your practice’s default schedule template (see 3.10.1 Creating your Schedule Template).



Create New Dashboard View


1) Click the Scheduling SchedIcon icon in the  ICE Health menu bar.

2) Click Schedule on the Scheduling Menu Bar, and click Dashboard View Setup.


3) In the Schedule and Lighting System system View Management dialog box,  click Create New.

4) In the Create Schedule and Lighting System View Setup dialog box type a Name, and click the time increment from the Units/Row list. Note that one Unit is equal to a five minute time-block

Please note that the fields marked with the red asterisk are mandatory. 

5) Either click Mapped Providers and select individual providers, or else click the checkbox for All Providers of All Types.

Create Schedule and lighting system view setup

6) If appropriate, click the Is Default checkbox to have that schedule be the default schedule for the user who is currently signed in.

7) Click Save.



 View The New Schedule Dashboard


1) Double click the Clinic Schedule under the Patient Search text box.

Clinic schedule


2) Select the new schedule from the Select a Schedule View dialog box under the Actions column. You will now see your schedule in your Schedule Dashboard.


select a schedule view