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3.10.1 Creating your Schedule Template

Your schedule template is the schedule view that will show up in your schedule dashboard.



Creating The Schedule Template


1) Click the Scheduling SchedIcon icon in the ICE Health menu bar.

2) Click Schedule in the scheduling menu bar and then click the Schedule Templates.

Schedule Templates1

3) Click Create New in the Template Management dialog box.

4) In the Create Template dialog box, enter your clinic Name.

5) Click the Practice Default checkbox and the Active checkboxes to make this template the one your schedule dashboard will be based upon (see 3.10.2 Creating your Dashboard View).




Managing The Timing


1) In the Timing tab, select the schedule timing name (clinic hours) check box under Timing Details.


2) To create custom clinic hours, please see 3.8 Setting up Clinic Hours 




Managing The Breaks


1) In the Break tab, click Map Break.

2) In the Select Break dialog box, choose a break type from the Select Break list.

3) Click the checkbox of the desired break(s), and then click the arrow to move the break to the list on the right side of the dialog box.

select break

4) If the break times need to be changed, simply click the Edit icon EditIcon. In the Edit Break dialog box, change the needed components. Click Save.

edit break

5) Once the breaks have been edited, in the Select Break dialog box, click the checkbox of the break(s) then click Select.



Managing The Providers


1) In the Provider tab, click Map Provider.

2) In the Select Provider dialog box, select the provider type from the Provider Type list.


3) Click the checkbox beside the name of the provider(s). Then, click the arrow to move the provider name to the list on the right. When all providers have been selected, click Select.



Managing The Resources


1) In the Resource tab, click Map Resource.

2) In the Select Resource dialog box, select the resource type from the Resource Type list, and then select the checkbox beside the name of the resource.

select ressource

3)Click the arrow to move the resource name to the list on the right. When all resources have been selected, click Select.

4) In the Create Template dialog box, Click Save.

create template 11