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2.14.1 Choosing the Patient Alerts for your Practice

  1. Click the My Profile icon My Profile Icon in the menu bar.
  2. Click to expand Alerts and Hx in the My Profile bar, and then click Alerts.
  3. Below Alerts and Hx/ Alerts, you can hide alerts that you do not want applied to a patient record by clicking the checkbox in the Hidden column beside the alert. In order to search for a specific alert, begin by typing the alert in the search text box below the Title column. Sort the alerts according to type by either clicking the arrow beside the Alert Type column title or by typing an alert type in the search text box below Alert Type.
  4. In order to display alerts, click the drop down menu in the right hand corner, Show All, then click either Show All/ Visible/ Hidden to view all, only visible, or only hidden alerts, respectively.
  5. In order to hide global alerts, click Hide Global Alerts.
  6. Click Save Changes.

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