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18.0 Overview of Dashboard

The ICE Dashboard provides a comprehensive snapshot of the present activity within ICE and acts as a gateway to accessing modules within your account. The widgets contained on the page allow activity customization for personal use. There are three separate dashboards that allow you to delineate between different levels in ICE. These levels are: Practice Dashboard, Provider Dashboard, and Patient Dashboard.



    Practice Dashboard 

The Practice Dashboard provides access to ‘Practice’ specific modules within ICE. Accessible modules from this dashboard are: Recall and Notes, Collaborations, Reporting, Practice Areas, My Profile, Patient Restrictions and the master Schedule. Within the Practice Dashboard, you are able to see today’s activity. 


  Provider Dashboard  (see 18.2 Overview of Provider Dashboard)

The Provider Dashboard is specific to the provider that has logged in and allows personal customization. A notable feature of the Provider Dashboard is the Time Tracking ability. Accessible modules from this dashboard are: My Schedule and Collaborations. Please note: My Schedule is different from the master Schedule found in the Practice Dashboard. My Schedule pertains to information that is specific to the provider. 


    Patient Dashboard   (see 18.1 Overview of Patient Dashboard)

The Patient Dashboard is patient specific. Accessing this dashboard, once a patient is chosen, will provide you with a comprehensive overview of all relevant patient information. Specific actions that may be completed are: start a collaboration, create a letter/assign a form, and enter a payment or down payment. You will be able to access patient specific modules, such as: Imaging, Charting, Financials, Education and Recall & Notes.