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17.2.3 Creating Auto-run Reports


Reports may be run automatically from within the Practice Areas module.

Please note that Auto-run reports will use default dates with the minimum report parameters unless Saved Report Parameters are available. 

To set and save report parameters, you will need to open the report from the top panel of the Reports tab. Please see 17.2.1 and 17.2.2 for instructions on Generating a Day Sheet and Generating a Recurring Revenue Report.  Once Saved Parameters have been set, they will be available for creating an Auto-run report.


Open an Auto-run report dialog box.


  • 1. Click the Practice Areas icon  in the ICE Health menu bar.
  • 2. Click the Reports & Tasks Tab.


  • 3. Click Create New Automated Task, at the bottom left-hand corner of the dashboard.


Choose a report.


  • 1. Click to highlight a report from the list and then click Continue – Customize Report Parameters.


  • 2. Click to choose Saved Report Parameters. (Please note that if Saved Report Parameters are unavailable, and you don’t wish to use the minimum default parameters, close  the Auto-run report dialog box. To set Saved Parameters, open the report from the top panel of the Reports tab.)


  • 3. Click Continue – Customize Automated Task Frequency.


Choose the Auto-run settings for the report. As options are set, report run times are indicated at the bottom of the dialog box.


  • 1. Click to type a Name for the Auto-run report.


  • 2. Click to choose a Start Date.
  • 3. Choose a Time of day for the report to run.  Click the arrow buttons to choose the hour and the minutes. Click an option button to choose AM or PM.
  • 4. Click to choose the Frequency from the drop-down list.
  • 5. Click the arrow buttons to choose the number of Occurrences. To run an unlimited number of reports, set the occurrences to -1.
  • 6. Click to type any Notes.
  • 7. If you wish to have the report made available only to the current user, click to select Provider Only.
  • 8. Click Continue – Set Export and Email Settings.


Set Export Options. Please note that these options are not available for all reports.


  • 1. If applicable, click to choose the report format, CSV or PDF.


  • 2. If applicable, click to choose how to send the report to the patient.
  • 3. If applicable, send the report to Selected Staff. Type a search term in the text box with a magnifying glass to locate particular staff members, then click to highlight and choose a Staff member. Press Ctrl and click to add to the list.
  • 4. Click Continue – Save Auto-run Settings.


Close the dialog box and manage your Auto-run Reports.


  • 1. Click Close Window. The Auto-run report will now be listed in the bottom panel of the Reports & Tasks tab.


  • 2. When the report has been executed, it will be listed in the History tab.
  • 3. To alter any Auto-run report parameters, click Edit for the report under the Actions column.
  • 4. To cancel an Auto-run report, click Disable under the Actions column.