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17.2.2 Generating a Recurring Revenue Report


Open the Recurring Revenue (Annual or Detailed) dialog box.


  • 1. Click the Practice Areas icon   in the ICE Health menu bar.
  • 2. Click the Reports & Tasks tab.


  • 3. Select Recurring Revenue (Annual or Detailed) from the list and then click Generate Report. A Step 1 dialog box will display several parameters from which to choose.


Select report parameters.


  • 1. If you previously have Saved Report Parameters (table to the right), click the title and then click Load and move on to Step .
  • 2. Otherwise, click to choose the start and end date (or year for the Annual report). Alternatively, you may use a floating date (e.g. next month, next year). In this case, checkmark Yes to Use Floating Date and then click to choose the type of time period from the drop down list.


  • 3.The report can include information for all of the clinics and all patients or the user can select from the lists. To choose a single clinic, click Selected in the Location Selection drop down box and then click to choose a location. To add clinics to the report, press CTRL and then click the location(s).
  • 4.  The process is identical for Patient Selection. To choose a single patient, click Selected in the Patient Selection drop down box and then click to choose an individual. To add patients to the report, press CTRL and then click the individual(s).
  • 5. Click to choose from the drop-down list of Patient Demographic Templates. To modify or create new templates, click Manage Templates.
  • 6. To save your chosen parameters for repeated use, click Save Current Parameters. Type a title and description in the dialog box and checkmark Yes if the saved parameters are For the Current Provider Only (indicated by the Pvt. column in the Saved Reports Parameters table). The FD column indicates whether or not the saved parameters are for floating dates.


To display the results, click Run Report.


View the results.


  • • The Recurring Revenue Detailed Report lists payment plan information (such as plan title, payment frequency and amounts) for each patient by month.
  • • Sort through the information by typing a search term in the text box (with the magnifying glass) located under any of the column headings.

  • • A Total Expected Revenue can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.


  • • The Recurring Revenue Annual Report lists monthly and yearly payment plan totals for each patient, as well as monthly and yearly totals for the office(s).
  • (Please note that the months July to December have been compressed in the following image of a Recurring Revenue Annual Report.)