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17.1 Overview of Practice Areas


The Financials module organizes financial data by patient. The Practice Areas module organizes all of the financial data for the office.


From the Practice Areas module , you are able to:


Monitor Recent Activity of invoices, adjustments, and payments.


Search Invoices by patient, family, or insurance provider.


Generate and Send Summary Statements.


Create Financial Reports such as Day Sheets and Recurring Revenue Reports.


Create Auto-run Reports.


View the Report History.


17.1.1 The Recent Activity tab.


To monitor the recent invoices, payments, and adjustments for the office, click the Recent Activity tab.
Totals are available from the Recent Summary panel.
Click an arrow to expand and close the categories.
The date range for the tab may be set from the top of the panel. Click to choose the Start and End date and then click Apply. The main part of the dashboard has four panels listing the Recent Invoices, Adjustments, Invoice Payments, and Down Payments.



17.1.2 The Search Invoices tab.


The Search Invoices tab allows you to locate and group invoices, as well as generate summary statements.
A Search Criteria panel provides a variety of search options.
 Click an option button to search invoices by Insurance provider, Patient or Family. Then, click to select from the list that will appear to the right side of the panel. Search Results are displayed in the main panel with Totals at the bottom right corner of the dashboard.
To generate a summary statement, first, click to highlight invoices. (Press ctrl and click to add invoices).
 Choose a date range for the results and select any other options. Next, click Generate Summary Statements. A PDF will be created listing Outstanding Billed Invoices, Active Payment Plans and a Summary. The PDF will be made available from the History tab of the Practice Areas module.
 Mouse-over Reset ‘Search By‘ or Search to view the list of selected records. Click Search to display the results. Clicking Send Summary Statements will send the PDF, as an attachment, to the patient’s email on file.
Double-click a patient name to open their financial record in a new window.


Please note, saving the search as a template can be done by clicking the Save save template icon icon beside the Templates.


17.1.3 The History tab.


View the report history from the History tab. Filter the list by Report Name and/or by Date Range. Click to open a folder and list the reports by patient. To view a PDF file, click the download icon  for the report, to the right of the Date Completed.