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For users that would like to run the same report multiple times, ICE introduces the ability to create search templates for any report.


Select a Report


1) Click the Reporting  icon in the Ice Health menu bar.

2) Click to choose a Report.



Customize the Template


1) Choose the options to customize the report under the Search  tab.

2) Click Customize Patient Search to choose the patients for the search.


3) Click boxes to select or de-select fields under the heading Include In Results. To include all fields in the report, click All.

Click boxes to select or de-select fields under the heading Search On. Patient data that fit these selected fields are the basis for the search.




Create the Template


1) Click Save As Template.

2) Click to type a Title for the Template and to add a Description . Click Save Template.

3) Click Close.

Please note that once the Template has been created, it can be accessed through the drop down menu at the top left corner. 


Editing and Deleting Templates


1)Click the Manage Template tab.

2) To Copy, Edit or Delete a Template, click the appropriate icon  to the right of the Template under the Action column.