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15.4 How your Collaborators will access the collaboration data


You and your collaborator will receive emails informing each other that messages or information have been added to the collaboration. To view the data in a secure and safe environment, sign in to ICE Collaborations.


Your colleague will receive an email informing them that you would like to start collaborating.  A link will be included where they can access the collaboration.


Create a password.


  • Initially, there will be a request for your colleague to create a password for their account.


to ICE Collaborations and view the data.


  • Once signed in, the Collaborations window will display (or link) all of the information and attachments that you have included in the collaboration.


Respond to the collaboration.


  • Your collaborator can respond to your invitation by typing a message in the Respond dialog box. They may click Upload Files to include any attachments.  Next, your colleague clicks Submit Message and you will be sent an email.


  • Your collaborator’s response will be recorded in your Collaboration notes for that patient.