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14.2.1 Overview of Letters


The ICE Dental Systems’ Letters Editor allows the user to create letters for multiple audiences, simultaneously, by clicking to choose various templates from template lists. Available from your ICE account are sentence templates, paragraph templates, or entire letter templates. You may also create your own template.


1. Click to choose templates in the Build tab to create a letter


2. Click the Preview tab to edit the letter (if neccessary)


3. Click audience type (patient, medical, insurance) to auto-format the content



The Letters Editor Build tab has the following components, shown here from an example where a letter is built using templates for each section:


The Build Tab has a list of Disciplines, each discipline having its own list of letter categories.

The Categories list contains many template headings as well as form letters.

Clicking a Category will expand a list of paragraph templates. Click on a paragraph heading to display a list of sentence templates in the Items column as well as associated images (if applicable) under the Image Items column.

Select items for your letter by clicking the checkmark beside an item in either the Items or Image Items list. The Structure column lists all of the selected items that are to be included in the letter.

View your letter in the Preview tab and make any final changes. Then, the letter may be formatted towards a particular audience (for example: patient, medical, or insurance).


Configuring the Letters Editor


ICE Dental Systems’ Letters Editor comes with template content for several dental specialties.

In case you require different content than is available by default, ICE Dental Systems’ Account Representatives are available to help users configure their Letters Editor. For example, if you frequently use one of 20 treatment plans, then you could create 20 letter  templates from which you can create your letters.

During configuration, templates are written in a manner that allows the tone and content to be changed when the user clicks various audiences. For example, the user can create a letter from a form letter template and then click multiple audiences (patient, referring doctor, insurance).  Automatically, letters will be created for each audience selected.