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14.1 Overview of Correspondence


The Correspondence module allows you to:



The Correspondence Tab lists all the files for a patient with the Date that they were assigned.

File icons (to the left of the file name) indicate the type of file:

Letter , Letter Draft , Form , Image Templates  or Uploaded/Scanned File


Select the checkbox in the PV (visible to patient) column to make the file accessible to the patient.


Searching and Filtering the files:


To filter through a large number of files, type a file name or search term in the text box located under the File column heading (with the magnifying glass). A date range can be entered by clicking the Date text box and then click to choose a beginning and an end date for your search.



The list can also be filtered by selecting the checkboxes for the types of files that you would like to be displayed in the File list. Clear the checkboxes for the types of files that you would not like to be displayed.



Viewing, Downloading, Renaming, and Deleting a file:


  • To view a file, click View under the title. The file will open up in a new browser tab.

  • To download a file to your computer, click Download under the title.
  • To rename a file, click Rename under the title. Type a new name in the Rename dialog box and then click OK.

  • To delete a file, click Delete under the title. Click Yes to confirm that you would like to delete the file.



The Patient Information Panel


Click More Details in the Patient tab to open up a Patient Registration dialog box in the Scheduling module. There you can add or update information such as an email address and insurance information.
The lower panel contains medical (Hx tab) and prescription (Rx tab) information about the patient.
To close the patient information panel, click Hide>>.