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13.1 Assigning Patient Education Presentations

Patient Education Presentations are informational, audio-visual presentations on a wide variety of dental health topics available from ICE Health Systems.  Presentations are assigned to individual patients.


In the Presentations module, click to open the Assign Presentations dialog box.


  • 1. Click the presentations icon  in the ICE menu bar.
  • 2. Choose a patient for the animation set. If the patient is not already shown in the patient bar, click to type the patient’s name in the Patient Search box (top right of the page) and then click the patient’s name from the list.

  • 3. Click Assign Presentations.



Select the checkbox(es) for the presentations that you would like to assign to your patient.


  • 1. The Assign Presentations dialog box will list several subject folders that contain a variety of presentations. Click the triangle expand button to list the contents of a folder.

  • 2. Select a checkbox to assign any of the presentations to the patient. A black square in the folder checkbox will indicate that a presentation has been chosen from within that folder. Please note that if a folder checkbox has been selected, all of the presentations in that folder will have been assigned to the patient.
  • 3. Click OK to return to the Presentations module.


View the assigned presentations.


  • 1. The assigned presentations will be listed, with the PV (Visible to Patient) checkbox selected.  Patients can then view the presentations from their account and your records will be updated to indicate that fact.
  • 2. You may also wish to view the presentation with your patient. In this case, click to highlight the presentation and then click View. The presentation will open and play in a new browser tab.