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12.5 Viewing Animation Sets


Animation sets assigned to a patient may be previewed (and/or viewed with your patient) from the Animation Sets Summary tab.

Patients may also view their animation sets from their own account. Please see 12.8 How your patients will access their animations for instructions.


Click View in the Animations tab to open the Animation Set Player.


  • 1. Click the animations icon  in the ICE menu bar.
  • 2. Choose the patient for whom the animation set was created. If the patient name shown in the patient bar is not correct, click to type the patient’s name in the Patient Search box and then click the patient’s name from the list.

  • 3. In the Animations tab, click View above the animation set you wish to view. An Animation Set Player will open in a new browser tab.



Click Play Animation Set to view the animations.


  • 1. Click Play Animation Set in the Animation Set Player window.

  • 2. To stop the animation, click Stop.
  • 3. When you are finished viewing the animations in the set, click Close Window.