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12.4 Editing an Animation Set


12.4.1 Editing the Speed, Start Point and End Point of an Animation Set.


By editing the animation set, you can adjust the speed, start point, and end point of an animation to suit your needs and the needs of your patient.


In the Animations tab, click Edit above the animation set you wish to edit (an Animation Set Editor dialog box will open).


  • 1. Click the animations icon  in the menu bar.
  • 2. Choose the patient for whom the animation set was created. If the patient name shown in the patient bar is not correct, click to type the patient’s name in the Patient Search box and then click the patient’s name from the list.


  • 3. In the Animations tab, click Edit above the animation set you wish to edit.




In the Edit Animation tab, drag the sliders to adjust the speed and to set the start and end points (for the animation highlighted in the right panel).


  • 1. In the Edit Animation tab, adjust the speed of the animation (highlighted in the right panel) by dragging the slider beside Speed.


  • 2. Adjust the start and end of the animation by dragging the first slider beside Start/End, then dragging the second slider to the end point. Alternatively, set the start and end times of each animation by clicking Set Start and Set End while playing the animation (Click to Play and Stop).



Click the next animation in the right panel and repeat.


  • 1. On the right side of the Animation Set Editor dialog box, click the next animation in the Animation Set.
  • 2. Repeat Step , above,  for all animations in the animation set.


Preview Entire Set and click to Save and Close.


  • 1.  Click Preview Entire Set to view the animation set as it will be shown to the patient.


  • 2. Click Save and Close (bottom right of Animations Set Editor window).