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11.3 Sending a Request to a Patient to Update their Health History

The most recent update of a patient’s health history is noted in the Hx tab of the patient bar beside Hx Updated.

  1. To send a request for a patient to update their answers to the health history questionnaire, click Request Hx Update in the Hx tab of the patient bar.
  2. In the Choose Hx Form box, click the Hx form from the list, and then click OK.
  3. You can choose to have the patient update their answers to the questionnaire chair-side by clicking Update Now, or you can send a link to the health history questionnaire via email by clicking Email Link.
  4. If you click Update Now, the health history questionnaire will appear in a new browser tab or window. The patient proceeds through the questionnaire by clicking the answers or by clicking Next.
  5. If you click Email Link, the email can be previewed and edited in the Send Update Hx Email Request dialog box. Click Send Message. The patient will receive an email with the link to the health history questionnaire.
  6. When the patient completes the questionnaire (either chair-side or from elsewhere), you can update alerts by clicking Update Alerts in the Approve Alerts dialog box.

Approve Alerts dialog box for updated health history questionnaire results