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11.1 Accessing and completing the Health History Questionnaire from your Practice’s Website

Please contact ICE Dental Systems to create a link on your practice website to the online health history questionnaire.

  1. Have your patient begin the health history questionnaire by typing the practice website address (URL) in their browser window, and then clicking Health History Questionnaire.
  2. The patient will type their personal and contact information in the questionnaire dialog box, and then click Next.
  3. To proceed through the questionnaire, the patient will click or type the appropriate answers. After clicking their answer, either subsequent or secondary questions are asked. In the case where no answers are applicable, the patient proceeds to the next question by clicking Next.
  4. Patients can return to previous questions by clicking Back. Their original answers are shown in green.
  5. Patients view their relative progress in the questionnaire in the progress bar at the bottom of the question box.

Question Box and Progress Bar