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Training & Support

1.0 General Overview
1.1 Technical Support Documents & Videos
1.2 Tutorial & Demonstration Videos
2.0 My Profile Settings
2.1 Creating Practice Location(s) and Editing Contact Info (eg. Address, Phone, Email)
2.2 Creating Security Groups
2.2.1 Adding Providers and Staff to a Security Group
2.2.2 Viewing and Editing Security Group Permissions
2.2.3 Changing a Provider or Staff’s Security Group
2.2.4 Security Settings
2.3 Uploading your Practice Logo
2.4 Uploading your Practice Letterhead
2.5 Configuring Default Properties for the Letters Editor
2.6 Uploading Images to your Image Gallery
2.7 Managing Patient Education Content
2.7.1 Selecting Relevant Audio-Visual Presentations
2.7.2 Selecting Relevant Animations
2.7.3 Deleting Global Animation Set Templates
2.8 Managing Forms Content
2.9 Auto-assigning Presentations, Animations, and Forms
2.10 Editing Patient Instructions for Access to ICE
2.11 Creating and Editing the Email Template for a Request to Update the Patient’s Health History Questionnaire
2.12 Writing and Editing a Patient Consent Agreement
2.13 Creating and Editing your Dr’s Note Templates
2.14 Choosing and Creating Patient Alerts
2.14.1 Choosing the Patient Alerts for your Practice
2.14.2 Creating a New Alert
2.15 Creating a Treatment Plan Template
2.16 Creating your Practice’s Fees for the Fee Calculator
2.16.1 Renaming a Category in the Fee Calculator
2.16.2 Deleting an Item in the Fee Calculator
3.0 Schedule Setup
3.1 Schedule System Overview
3.2 Managing Providers
3.2.2 Viewing or Editing Provider Information
3.2.3 Deleting Providers
3.3 Managing Resources
3.3.2 Viewing or Editing a Resource
3.3.3 Deleting a Resource
3.4 Creating and Editing Appointment Types
3.5 Assigning Appointment Types to Charting
3.6 Selecting and Defining your Appointment Statuses
3.7 Creating a New Appointment Status
3.8 Setting up and Editing Clinic Hours
3.10 Setting up the Scheduling Dashboard
3.10.2 Creating your Dashboard View
3.10.3 Setting your Calendar Colors
3.10.4 Setting the Date Jump Buttons
3.11 Creating Patient Custom Fields
4.0 Scheduling
4.1 Scheduling Overview
4.2 Creating a Patient
4.2.3 Creating a Patient from a Referral
4.2.4 Creating a Patient After Completing the Health History Questionnaire
4.2.5 Editing Patient Information
4.2.6 Deleting a Patient
4.2.7 Patient Families
4.3 Creating an Appointment
4.3.2 Creating an Appointment for an Existing Patient
4.3.3 Creating an Appointment from Charting
4.3.4 Unscheduled Appointments
4.3.5 Double-Booking Appointments
4.4 Deleting an Appointment
4.4.2 Deleting an Appointment from Unscheduled Appointments
4.5 Cancelling an Appointment
4.6 Moving an Appointment
4.6.2 Moving an Appointment to another day using Unscheduled Appointments
4.7 Block Scheduling
4.7.2 Creating an Appointment in a Block Schedule
4.8 Changing and Viewing an Appointment’s Status
4.9 Viewing the Appointment Details
4.10 Editing Appointment Details
4.11 Searching for Appointment Availability
4.11.2 Quickly Searching for Appointment Availability
4.11.3 Adjusting Search Parameters when Searching for Available Appointments
4.12 Using the Short Call list
4.12.2 Viewing and Editing your Short Call List
4.12.3 Creating an Appointment from the Short Call List
4.13 Viewing a Different Schedule
4.14 Viewing the Schedule Snapshot
5.0 Treatment Planning
5.1 Overview of Treatment Planning
5.2 Creating a Treatment Plan Template
5.3 Creating a Treatment Plan with Multiple Treatment Options
6.0 Charting
6.1 Overview of Charting
6.2 Setting up a Patient’s Chart
6.3 Creating an Entry in Restorative Charting
6.4 Adding and Displaying Data in Periodontal Charting
6.5 Creating an Entry in Orthodontic Charting
6.6 Creating an Unscheduled Appointment from Charting
6.7 Creating Code Group Templates
7.0 Image Management
7.1 Overview of Imaging
7.2 Uploading Images
7.3 Moving and Deleting Images
7.4 Downloading an Image to your Computer
7.5 Editing Images
7.6 Performing Cephalometric Tracings and Analysis
8.0 Recall and Notes
8.1 Selecting a Patient inside Recall and Notes
8.2 Contacting a Patient in the Future; Creating a Recall Note for a Patient
8.3 Creating an Action, Recall Item for Yourself
8.4 Creating an Action, Recall Item for another Provider
8.5 Searching and Viewing Upcoming Action, Recall Items
8.5.2 Viewing Previous and Upcoming Actions, Recalls for Yourself
8.5.3 Searching for Upcoming Actions, Recalls and Notes for another Provider
8.6 Creating a Note in a Patient’s Record
8.7 Creating and Editing Recall Note Templates
8.8 Customizing Automatic Date-selection Buttons
9.0 Financials
9.1 Overview of Financials
9.1.1 Filtering Data
9.1.2 Revealing Additional Invoice Information
9.1.3 Quick Access Options
9.2 Prerequisites for Financials
9.2.1 Setting Up a Practice Fee Schedule
9.2.2 Adding and Enabling Insurance Providers
9.2.3 Assign Insurance to a Patient
9.2.4 Assign Insurance Estimations and Exceptions
9.3 Managing Invoices
9.3.1 Creating a New Statement of Work
9.3.2 Creating a New Blank Invoice
9.3.3 Locking a Statement of Work
9.3.4 Creating a New Invoice from Procedures
9.3.5 Creating a New Invoice from Calculator
9.3.6 Previewing and Sending a Patient Invoice via Email
9.3.7 Invoice Adjustments
9.3.8 Managing Credit
9.4 Managing Payments
9.4.1 Making a Payment
9.4.2 Creating a New Recurring Payment Plan from a Recurring Invoice Plan
9.4.3 Recording an Overpayment
9.4.4 Managing Down Payments
9.4.5 Tracking Payments
9.4.6 Refunds, Payment Reversals and Voiding Payment
10.0 Patient Information and Detailed History of Patient Record
10.1 Viewing Patient Information in the Patient Bar
10.2 Emailing or Printing Patient Access Instructions
10.3 Adding and Changing a Patient’s Vital Information
10.4 Assigning and Changing a Patient’s Medical Complexity Status
10.5 Searching and sorting within a Patient Record’s Detailed History
10.6 Performing Advanced Patient Searches
11.0 Health History Questionnaire and Medical Support System
11.1 Accessing and completing the Health History Questionnaire from your Practice’s Website
11.2 Completing the Patient Consent Form for the Health History Questionnaire
11.3 Sending a Request to a Patient to Update their Health History
11.4 Approving Prospective Patients who have completed the Health History Questionnaire
11.5 Viewing Health History Questionnaire Results for Current Patients
11.6 Adding a Note to a Patient’s Health History Questionnaire
11.7 Adding and Deleting Patient Health History Alerts
11.8 Changing the Color of a Patient Health History Alert
11.9 Accessing ICE Dental Systems’ Medical Support System for Specific Health History Alerts
11.10 Overview of Medical Support System
11.11 Searching the Medical Support System for Specific Conditions
11.12 Using the Medical Support System to find Protocols for Treating Patients with Specific Conditions
11.13 Using the Medical Support System for information on Dental Pharmacology
11.14 Viewing Images in the Medical Support System
12.0 Patient Education Animations
12.1 Overview of Patient Education Animations
12.2 Creating a New Animation Set
12.3 Global Animation Set Templates
12.3.1 Creating a Global Animation Set Template
12.3.2 Assigning a Global Animation Set to a Patient
12.4 Editing an Animation Set
12.5 Viewing Animation Sets
12.6 Renaming or Deleting an Animation Set
12.6.1 Renaming an Animation Set
12.6.2 Deleting an Animation Set
12.8 How your Patients will access their Animations
14.0 Correspondence
14.1 Overview of Correspondence
14.2 Letters
14.2.1 Overview of Letters
14.2.2 Prerequisites for Letters
14.2.3 Creating a New Letter
14.2.4 Saving a Letter as a Draft or as a Template
14.3 Assigning a Form to a Patient
14.4 Uploading a File
14.5 Scanning Images or Documents
15.0 Collaborations
15.1 Overview of Collaborations
15.2 Prerequisites for Collaborations
15.3 Starting a Collaboration
15.4 How your Collaborators will access the collaboration data
15.5 Tracking Collaborations
16.0 Reporting
16.1 Overview of Reporting
16.1.2 Creating Search Templates
16.1.3 Using Templates
16.2 Running Specific Templates
16.2.1 Performing a Patient Demographic Search
16.2.2 Performing a Recall and Notes Report
16.2.3 Birthday Reports
16.2.4 Daily Appointment List
16.2.5 Clipboard Reports
16.3 Creating Appointment Reports
16.3.1 Creating an Appointment Cancellation Report
17.0 Practice Areas
17.1 Overview of Practice Areas
17.1.1 The Recent Activity Tab
17.1.2 The Search Invoices Tab
17.1.3 The History Tab
17.2 Generating Financial Reports
17.2.1 Generating a Day Sheet
17.2.2 Generating a Recurring Revenue Report
17.2.3 Creating Auto-run Reports
18.0 Dashboard
18.2 Overview of Provider Dashboard
18.3 Overview of Patient Dashboard
18.3.2 Dashboard Settings
18.3.3 Patient Dashboard – Financials Component